Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Good for Denmark

Copenhagen is almost dead. But it may not be a total waste. However, there is one country willing to stand up for what is right. Denmark's saying that countries must bring pledges to Copenhagen. The Copenhagen treaty shouldn't be a little nothing. It should help us find the way to a treaty made soon. Germany says it will push for more ambitious goals. Germany is an example of an environmentally-friendly nation. It makes about 44% of the world's electricity from wind and use solar power too. They have a good low-emission energy consumption. This is what Canada should be and it can be. Harper just won't do it. Neither will Alberta. We shouldn't procrastinate on this.

The agreement "should be concrete and binding on countries committing to reach targets," he said.

Germany 'will push for more ambitious goals'

In Berlin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the summit would be high on her new cabinet's agenda.

"We will make it very clear that we will push for more ambitious goals at Copenhagen," said Merkel who will be among more than 40 heads of government attending the final sessions of the Dec. 7-18 conference.

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