Tuesday, November 17, 2009

High Speed Rail Canada

High speed rail (HSR) would be good for Canada. We are already lagging behind  many other developed countries which already have HSR. Japan's had their Shinkansen's since the 1960's and France has had the TGV since 1981. If these two nations and a good chunk of Europe already have HSR, why shouldn't Canada. It will help to decrease emissions and decrease travel times. In some countries, the total travel time between the origin and destination has proved to be faster than airplanes.

HSR creates less emissions. Since it is run completely on electricity, it does not consume any fuel. Combine that with Quebec's hydroelectricity and you have a much more environmentally-friendly train. Instead of the old Via Rail diesel train chugging along the tracks, we would have a high speed train which would zoom by.

Polls show that most Canadians would support HSR. They say that they want it because it will reduce carbon emissions, create more jobs and reduce the number of cars on the road. This is exactly what high speed trains do. Right now, driving to Toronto would take only a bit longer than taking the train and buying a ticket costs more than a tank of gas. However, HSR would add the benefit of going 360 km/h, which would make the voyage a whole lot faster. In Spain, there are train lines which are very competitive with airlines.



  1. I agree with you that high speed trains are more efficient and produce less emissions. However, there are other variables to consider.

    For example, will the costs be affordable for the common traveller? Also, using your own car makes travelling very convenient. One does not have to rely on the schedule set by train administrators who try to maximize their profits by maximizing train occupancy with restricted scheduling.

  2. Do they serve cheesies on high speed trains?


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