Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stéphane Dion: not an idiot

Now that Ignatieff's numbers are down in the polls, we can think about whether Stéphane Dion was really such a bad leader. Ignatieff's platform is much closer to the Conservative's. That's why they have to use the personal attack to ruin his support. One example of this is ignatieff.me. I'm surprised that Canadian politicians have stooped to this level. But wait. The Conservatives also attacked Stéphane Dion personally besides demonizing his carbon tax. Why? I guess it's because he had such good ideas. Carbon taxes actually achieve the same goal as cap and trade systems. But it's cheaper and easier to instate a carbon tax. So maybe Stéphane Dion was a good leader and it was just the Conservative's attack ads which ruined him. As for the "Do you think it's easy to make priorities?"  It takes a learning experience in politics. Jean Charest had to learn how to go from federal politics to provincial politics. He didn't have success right from the start, nor should we expect Stéphane Dion to succeed from the beginning. It's human nature to learn from our mistakes and I bet that Stéphane Dion learned form his. Therefore, I think that Stéphane Dion was a great leader.

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  1. i think that stephane dion was a amazing leader and he did lose because of the lying ads in 2008 saying he is not a leader but that you would say he does not have as much experience as stehphane Harper and that why he lost is not true dion was a mp for more than a decade and was minster of the environment and help made the clarity act so he had a lot of experience


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