Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Obama trying to get his Grip

We all know that Obama approval rating is low, but what effect does this in congress? One year before the 2010 midterm elections with a major high publicized issue like health care forces congressmen and women to think about getting reelected and go with the majority. The U.S. is very divided on this issue so all cards are up. In order for republicans to get the control of the house they need to flip 41 seats now. If an election were held today people still highly believe the democrats will get a 6% lead but in 2008 they won the election by 9%. So why would Obama lose his democratic grip in the house if the Democrats are still ahead? Many experts say that if no health care bill is passed major amount of Americans will change their minds just like they did in 1994(Bill Clinton also presented a health care bill and it did not pass lost control of the house in 1994). My predictions that the Democrats could have a small majority in the house, but in American politics anything can happen.



  1. Maybe the Green party will take power.

  2. SPCA Conquer All1 December 2009 at 17:20

    Obama should send random inspectors into congress just to make sure the members are not abusing small or large animals.


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