Monday, June 14, 2010

Climate Change a "Side Show"

Move aside the fake lake, the bigger problem with the G20 and G8 meeting is that it will be ignoring climate change. Harper said that climate change will be a side show at the meeting. To be fair, this meeting is about substantial growth and recovery, but the environment has a role in this exact issue. The environment has a role on growth, as green jobs are the permanent jobs of the future. The double summit should work on how to ensure that world countries switch from an oil based economy to a green economy with clean energy sources. Harper should make the environment an important issue on the G8 and G20 meeting, and shouldn't wait for the U.S. to take the lead as usual. Canada can take a leadership role.
Green Party Leader Elizabeth May said Harper has failed to lay the groundwork for significant discussions by failing to organize a meeting of G8 or G20 environment ministers prior to the summit.
“At this point it should be very clear that climate is an economic issue,” said Demerse, noting that G20 co-host, South Korea, has put 80 per cent of its economic stimulus money into green initiatives.
Read more at the Vancouver Sun.

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  1. Harpo finally caved and put it on the agenda.


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