Saturday, June 12, 2010

Conservative Spin Control

We all know about Harper's control of information. However, according to an Op-Ed in the Gazette, everything that gets out to the media from the government is propaganda made to gain support from the public. What surprised me though, is that journalists are barred from public events. Instead, they are given handout photos and videos done by the Prime Minister's Office to know what happened. This means that everything that the media gets is controlled. The bad thing, is that the media never tells us that this information has been produced by the PMO. This is added to the MEPs that ensure that everything is scripted in advance. Everything is staged so that it is positive news for Mr. Harper and his government. We should not accept this propaganda from Harper. We do not need to be manipulated to support him. We need government transparency, and with it, the truth. The Conservative Brainwashing of Canadians must stop here.
No one begrudges a government trying to get its message out with a coordinated communications plan. But when federal bureaucrats are forced to focus more on messaging than governing, Canadians should wonder if they are being sold a bill of goods.
In an exposé this week, The Canadian Press revealed the Conservative government's unprecedented reliance on a media management technique known as the “Message Event Proposal” (MEP). Until these revelations, the extent of government manipulation and spinning was not fully understood.
Read more at the Montreal Gazette and the Toronto Star.


  1. It's what I've been saying all along. Some years ago, Steve's far right getting even a minority gov't would have been unthinkable. Now, he's on his way to a majority.

    Some media types like Sun Media's Lorrie Goldstein, is not even denying anything in Marci MacDonald's book, but in two recent articles, is selling Canadians that Religious right is actually a good thing and religious left bad. Socon =good; Social Justice = evul.

  2. I understand now what it meant when I heard he admired Josef Stalin. I do know what to do as people still think he is great, because he is lying to them, and they do no know the difference and journalists are not going to tell anything different


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