Sunday, June 20, 2010

G8 TOO expensive say Canadians!

78% percent of Canadians think that a 1 billion dollar price tag on the G8 and G20 meeting is too expensive. Now who can blame them? This will be the most expensive G8 and G20 meeting in global history. To be fair, there is a lot of money going to safety, but most of this money is pork barrel spending. Money that is absolutlely not worth the bad press. What are these people thinking spending millions of dollars on stuff like fake lakes? Canada is the country with the most lakes. This meeting is also on the shores Lake Ontario, one of the five great ones. We do not need to spend millions on something we have right in our backyard. I do not call this fiscal responsibility. Canadians are pinching pennies, and Harper goes spending millions on his ego trip. And we are paying for it.
As a new poll suggests Canadians are concerned about costs of funding the G8 and G20 summits, the Liberals are accusing the Conservatives of funnelling millions of G8 dollars into “pork-barrel projects” in the Muskoka-Parry Sound riding of Industry Minister Tony Clement.
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  1. "To be fair, there is a lot of money going to safety, but most of this money is pork barrel spending."

    Not quite sure what you mean by that as it's been reported, & stated by the Cons, that the $1 Billion is JUST the cost for security. The pork-barreling is above & beyond that. Unless you mean the security also has pork barrels in it?

  2. Even some Harpercon cheerleaders are complaining, but when all is said & done; they will still vote in a Harpercon majority this fall, unless a miracle happens with the Liberals over the summer.

  3. Really, if the cost had been $100 million a majority of people polled would have said it was too much. There was no follow up question on how much would be OK. Therefore, another meaningless poll.

  4. No one cares.

    The Canadian Press
    Share|OTTAWA - A fake lake, faux Muskoka backdrops and a $1-billion price tag are troubling but not enough to turn off a majority of Canadians to the benefits of summitry, a new poll suggests.

    Three-quarters of respondents to The Canadian Press Harris-Decima poll said this week's G8 and G20 summits in Ontario are important and worth the expense of their country hosting.

    Some 76 per cent said the back-to-back weekend summits in Muskoka and Toronto were either very or somewhat important versus 20 per cent that said they were opposed.


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