Sunday, June 27, 2010

The impossible G8/G20

I know we all think this summit cost a lot, but this money is needed for safety. Sarkozy said something kind of risky. He was asked about the cost of his G8/G20 summit in France next year. He said that his summit will cost 10 times less than ours. I would like to see him try. Our summits cost 1 billion, so his summit he thinks he can sprinkle that down to 100 million. Most summits before this one cost around 600 million or more. So unless there are not going to be police, I don't think Sarkozy can pull this off. Although I like the idea, I just don't see it happening. What he should have said was that his summit will be efficient, safe and have no unnecessary cost in it. Now I think if Sarkozy maybe does not want this to end up as controversy next year he should maybe restate his position. Now I think summits do have to have a lot of money on security I just don't support fake lakes that cost 2 million dollars and other pork barrel spending.
A reporter who scrambled to the microphone asked whether French citizens should brace themselves for a similar summit tab as Canada, which is expected to pay out more than $1-billion to host the G8 in Muskoka and the G20 in Toronto this weekend.
As for the French G8/G20, even though I can’t confirm the Canadian numbers, they will be ten times less. Exactly.”
Read more at the Globe and Mail.


  1. I agree with you! Those saying there is too much security are out too lunch. Those saying this summit is not cost effective, though, seem to have a point.

  2. Even if Sarko comes in at 500-600 million, he'll ave stuck it to Lego Head.


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