Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Merger Talk

More from the Globe and Mail on how a merger on the left side of the spectrum is not going to be good for anyone. There have also been articles about a merger with the Conservatives. Even though it might seem possible now, they haven't been as Conservative as they would like to be. They are just waiting for their majority. A merger of any sort would not be good for the Liberal party and I do not support any "Unite-the-Left" action.
Merger is constitutionally impossible for both parties, politically unwise and, more important, intellectually bankrupt. A coalition after the next election? To paraphrase a great Liberal leader: a coalition if necessary but not necessarily a coalition.
Were the Liberals to win more seats than the Conservatives, but fall short of a majority, they could reasonably turn to the NDP and try to work something out. But if the Conservatives won more seats, as the British Conservatives did, it would fall to that party to make the first move. Who knows what that would bring.
Read more at the Globe and Mail.


  1. It's not bad. But the last sentence is just wrong. The Cons would have first crack, but not because they'd win most seats -- that's constitutionally irrelevant. They'd get first crack because, unless he loses a confidence vote or resigns, Stephen Harper gets to stay Prime Minister.

  2. This comes off as an appeal to authority -- it's not as though the Globe is speaking w. just one voice on this. See, e.g.,


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