Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Obama did not go to Arlington Cemetery

Barack Obama now joins a list of three presidents who do did not go to the Arlington National Cemetery for Veterans day. The list consist of Bush (the son) who went to Maine. He did of course go to a memorial in Maine. Ronald Regan did not go because he was at an international meeting. Obama now joins the list. He went to Illinois. He did of course went to a memorial service, but there was a storm. Now you might be thinking: what is the diffrence if he does not go to Arlington. The thing is that Obama is the President of the U.S he should be at Arlington grieving with the nation as has almost every presdent.

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  1. As president of the united states he is the commander and chief of all the armed forces. As soldiers from all the armed forces (army, navy, marines and air force) are serving in both Afghanistan and Iraq and too many Americans have been killed in the last 9 years serving in these locations he should have made the extra effort and have gone to Arlington if only to show respect for the fallen soldiers families!


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