Tuesday, June 15, 2010

PM Layton?

A poll shows that if a NDP-Liberal merger were to happen under the leadership of Micheal Ignatieff, it would lose by 6%. Under Bob Rae it is a tie, but under Layton would beat Harper by 6%. Now why? Simple. People like Layton more than they like Ignatieff. More importantly, if there was a Liberal-Democrat party  where would Liberal supporters go? Some would go to Harper, but more would go to the merger. The reason why Layton would win and not Ignatieff is because that Ignatieff is not as popular as Layton is. Now I do not support this merger because it compromises the Liberal party, and Layton's platform is too left. I think that the Liberal party can win a goverment without a coalition, so the Liberal party should consantrate on winning an election, and then working with other parties to create a stable government.
In one respect, the results of an Angus Reid poll to be released on Monday are not surprising — the Conservatives are at 35 per cent, the Liberals at 27 and the NDP are at 19 per cent; in Quebec, the Bloc leads with 37 per cent.
Read more at the Globe and Mail.


  1. Jack Layton is more popular then both Ignatief and Harper because when all you have to do is offer rainbows and peace its easy to be liked.
    He will never be in power and he knows it. He never has to answer the same questions as the other leaders. Put Jack Layton in Ignatief's role and I doubt very much the LPC would even exist right now. Its not Ignatief..its Harper moving the Cons to the middle and the inside forces in the LPC moving Ignatief Left, and, bad polls indicating a fringe party Leader who has no chance of being PM being more popular then any other Leader.

  2. You're to biased for the left!!!!


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