Friday, June 25, 2010

Stpehen Harper's Not-So-Shining Hour

Jeffrey Simpson remarks that the dual summits held in Canada should have been a big victory for Stephen Harper. They were supposed to show off Canada to the world and indirectly, gain him support from Canadian citizens. As we can see now, his plan didn't work. The cost of the summits was just too large. In my opinion, both summits should have been done in Huntsville where security would have been much cheaper. Because of security, there are many invconveniences for people in the Toronto area. Two of the most prominent ones is the fence around a certain area of downtown and the fact that Via Rail is not going to route trains through Toronto Union Station. Many people are unhappy with the Conservative hanndling of the double summit. We can see that in the newest EKOS poll where the Tories would get just a small minority with 120 seats if an election was held tommorow. The Liberals would grow to 91, NDP to 37, Bloc 56 and Green to 2. This is bad news for the Conservatives and we'll see how they deal with it over the summer. The full poll results are embedded below.

Read more at the Globe and Mail.

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  1. The poll tracking site finds the seat totals to be even closer then that, using those polling #'s.


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