Friday, June 04, 2010

Vancouver wants Green Money

The mayor of Vancouver says that he wants more federal money to spend on green infrastructure such as high speed rail and clean technology. It's good that Canada's municipalities are thinking green because the federal level isn't. Stephen Harper hasn't funded one worthwhile big green project since a long, long time ago. The problem is that I'm not so sure municipalities can do much on their own without intervention from the provincial or federal level. They just don't have the big bucks to take on big projects. This is why we should pressure our representatives to fund green economic ideas. It's not only good for the environment. it's good for the economy. Green technology will be the economy of tomorrow and if we do not invest in it soon, we will miss out on this great chance.
Robertson wants more federal stimulus spending, this time directed at greening urban infrastructure. “In other countries we’re seeing massive investment in rapid transit, high-speed rail, in renewable energy and clean technology,” he told Maclean’s. “Canada has been a leader in some of those sectors but we’re being surpassed by significant federal investments in other countries.
Read more at Macleans.


  1. Green jobs have unemployment in Spain at 21%. The Spanish government is substantially cutting back on these suicidal policies.’s-‘green’-policies-—-the-basis-for-obama’s-—-an-economic-disaster.html

  2. Vancouver has been given plenty of support. Remember that thing called the Olympics? The Olympics were a success but also an enviromental failure. Tonnes of snow trucked in and traffic chaos at venues etc. are examples of the toll.

    The reality is that Vancouver is no more environmentally friendly than any other Canadian city. They do get a break because of there fairly mild winters but beyond that; no difference.

    Spending money wisely on public transit can make sense but do not make the environment a reason for doing it. It hurts the cause.


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