Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Voices for Climate Change

A nice song made by various artists on climate change. Climate change is happening now. The consequences will be dire if we do not take action. Our carbon emissions must be reduced. Many Canadians are doing just that, but without the intervention of the government, not much more can happen. We need a carbon tax and soon.

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  1. Climate change IS happening now which means we're finally exiting that mini ice-age we've been experiencing for the past century or so.

    If you're so convinced that carbon is a pollutant (and more wrong you couldn't be) then rattle the cages in China or the U.S. Not that it would help. Even if you stopped all industry in the world, the temperature change would be almost nil.

    Time to stop being so reactionist and deal with the climate you're dealt.


    P.S. Nice background by the way.


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