Saturday, July 23, 2011

Political Rights

My condolences to the families of the 92 people killed in the Norway attacks. It is a horrible thing to kill children and terrible to kill fellow human beings in the first place.

News has come out that the killer belonged to party promoting intolerance to immigrants, particularly Muslims as tehy think that a lot of them are terrorists. This incident just goes to show that anyone, regardless of ethnicity can be evil. The Norwegian PM is right when he called that there needs to be more transparency and more openness. Moving into the future, we must be more tolerant and accept other human beings.

OSLO, July 23 (Reuters) - The Norwegian charged with killing at least 92 people in a gun and bomb massacre had belonged to an anti-immigration party and wrote blogs attacking multiculturalism and Islam.
Police said Anders Behring Breivik, detained by police after 85 people were gunned down at a youth camp and another 7 killed in a bomb attack on Friday, was unknown to them and his Internet activity traced so far included no calls to violence.

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  1. Just an aside, am I the only person who thinks that a political "youth camp" for teenagers sounds an awful lot like an indoctrination camp? Hitler youth comes to mind. I am reinforced in my belief that "youth wings" do not belong in political parties.

  2. shouldn't we wait for all the information to surface before speculating?


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