Monday, July 04, 2011

The Republicans are Getting Old! Part 1

The Republicans leaders all over the U.S are getting any new material, and quite frankly I am getting a little sick of proving there ideology wrong, but let's summaries there whole platform shall we.

1. Cut spending
seems simple and okay enough, but where? well they want to cut medicare and medicaid, which would leave seniors and poor income Americans with more bills that can't afford currently. What is there plans to help these people nothing!!! They claim they are saving medicare and to be true they are in a way by making it less expensive, but by doing that they are making medicare less helpful to the people who need it.

2 the debt of the future
If I had a nickle for every time I heard a Republican say the words "this debt will crush are children" or "the Government is going to leave this mountain of debt on are children." I would probably have enough money to pay off this years deficit. While I agree debt is bad long-term, and the U.S currently has a structural deficit I don't see that as an excuse not to raise taxes as a part of stooping this debt on our children.  which brings me to the third point

3. "No new taxes"
The Republicans are crazy when they hear the word tax. If there isn't the word "cut" next to it they go crazy saying this is no time to raise taxes. Well then why can't I say this is no time to stop giving aid to seniors or to the poor especially when it comes to medicine. Even a tax on the very rich who defiantly don't need it would somehow "kill the economy", but taking money out of medicare won't hurt the economy. Come on get real the Rich in the U.S are beeing taxed like nothing compared to other countries (that are developed).

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  1. spellcheck. "are children"?


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