Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dion Is Right!

Stephane Dion the former Liberal leader for two years, and supported the Carbon tax has put the whole Turmel affair in perspective. He raised a few question that I found absolutely brilliant. He made it clear that a leader can change their  political stripes, but the fact that Turmel tried to hide something that happened so recently isn't transparent.

During and after the last campaign, Turmel was asked repeatedly about the support she had given Bloc candidates when she was a union leader. At that time she was presented with an opportunity to reveal her past membership in the Bloc, and her ongoing membership in Québec Solidaire. But she did not. That information only became public as a result of a reporter’s investigation, and that is completely unacceptable.
 Another thing Dion raised was Turmel's Explanation. She claimed that the only reason she became a member of the party that wanted to separate Quebec was, because she wanted to support her friend, but just because your friend is in a different party you don't have to be a card carrying member or for that matter vote for them. The Libertarian on the Blog is my friend, but  I am not joining the Libertarian party for him nor do I expect for him to come to the Liberal party, because he is my friend. Dion and me both agree that the NDP have to be more transparent. And I think that Turmel should decide now on whether she wants to stay a member of Quebec Solidaire or not.

 The NDP is now left with only one choice: it must opt for transparency. How many NDP MPs were, or still are, members of sovereignist parties? Will they remain so? How many would vote for independence if a referendum were held?
Read Dion's entire post here 


  1. I got that email, and responded that the problem with Canada isn't the NDP, or the Bloc or Mme Turmel. It's the conservatives. Its conservatism. It's the public's growing belief that their problems will be solved by crapping on those under them and siding with bullies. Its the policies to dismantle social services. Quick picking the fluff out of your navel and talk about Brazil, and why austerity doesn't work.... jeepers.

  2. Anonymous The Conservatives are bad, but that doesn't mean we should forget about all of the other parties. blame is like credit! "we should give blame where blame is due", but don't worry I always talk about Harper when he does something bad,

    P.S I think austerity is necessary when you have a big enough deficit. Fortunatly Canada isn't in one currently, but if Harper continues with his mega prisons and Corporate tax cuts. We may need to reduce spending on the Mega prisons something, and put the Corprate tax rate at a competitive level (18% federally), I know Harper would hate that!

  3. He may well have to put those war planes on hold as well. I don't believe that he will budge on the corporate tax rates though. He doesn't want to upset his rich buddies and lose their support and their monies they donate to re-elect him over and over again.

  4. I enjoyed Jane Taber's column this morning in The Globe:

    It was nostalgic to read the words 'Stephane Dion', 'leadership' and 'debacle' in the same sentence.


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