Saturday, August 13, 2011

Perry'a Fake Miracle!

Governor Rick Perry which by all accounts in the presidential campaign for the White House has been seen as the person to match Romney has been claimed to be the candidate who know something about Jobs. Texas has increased jobs. In fact Texas leads in job creation for the past decade, but if you look at whole picture of Texas what do you see. Texas has an unemployment rate smaller then the national average. Why? Oil does help, but the fact  it is the fastest growing state right now does help too. It just pumped up it's amount of electoral votes, and that is why many jobs have been created, because if more people live in a state that means more people need to given services well over half the jobs in Texas created from 2001 was because of the population surge. These jobs include public schools as more students are in the country their needs to be more teachers. in fact 1/5 of all the jobs created from 2001 were government jobs, and the public sector in Texas grew double the rate of the private sector.

The state started the year with a 25 billion dollar deficit hole to patch up. You may blame this on the recession, but Rick Perry has had budget shortfalls years before the recession.In fact during Perry's 11 years in office local debt ballooned 100 billion. State debt in Texas since 2001 to now has increased faster than the federal debt ( it increased 282%). here's something else Texas has a AA+ rating the same as the federal government (important to note this is a rating upgrade by standard and poor's,but the fact that Texas has the same rate as the federal government is important to note).

The state has the lowest health care coverage rate in the U.S and has the third highest poverty rate. The Education system in Texas is one of the lowest in the country. In fact Texas spent the lowest amount of money per person then any other state, and yet somehow they had a huge budget shortfall for years. The Reason for that is taxes. Texas has one of the lowest tax rates in the country. Texas has no income Tax! In fact when faced with the 25 billion dollar hole Rick Perry promised voters he wouldn't raise taxes at all instead cut spending to fix the problem. Even though the state spends the lowest amount of money per person than any other state. Rick Perry this year cut 31 billion to close the budget hole. programs that were cut. Public education was cut by 13%, four community college's closed, health and human services was cut by 25%, Medicaid providers now have a 10% rate deduction and 60,000 students would lose financial aid to go to college, and considering the cuts he is making are in areas that have been creating jobs the past decade job cuts are going to hurt Texas's so called "miracle"

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  1. You don't need health care or edumacayshun if you have proper faith in the Lord. So what if you die? Jeebus will be there to raise you from the dead and then his Dad will rapture your ass the hell out of Texas. YeeHaw


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